Have 2 Min? Wanna Try to Read the Text Below? I Hope it Will Give You a Peace of Mind


You must be thinking what I am going to say in 2 min that will keep your mind fresh...so here we go generally people say, a Blog is most important for your website. It helps to drive traffic to your website, increase your SEO, position your brand as an industry leader or Develop better customer relationships blah blah blah…

This can be the only reason to start writing any blogbut I want to let you know guys my main reason to write here is only try to motivate myself as well as whoever is reading. So below is what I came up with:

Every day is bursting, Lots of opportunities for us

Oh, God! gives me some blessings, To full fill of them,

Time is going hastily, I have to walk smartly

To make my life richer, I have to work more than others,

But care to everyone, Is care of the self

If I have such a view, My life will be more fruitful.

In a professional life Self Development is important, but if we think and do something daily 5% for others of what we do for our self, will definitely give you a nice sleep while you close your eyes at night.